Why The Bachelorette made Sam Frost's hair fall out.

In every The Bachelorette episode Sam  Frost looked perfectly coiffed,whether she was handing out roses or indulging in some Deep Thinking Beach Walking.

But turns out the constant primping on the show by her own personal hair and makeup artists (it’s a tough life!) has caused some unfortunate side effects for Sam Frost‘s hair.

“I’ve got a bit of a mullet happening though as my hair got so damaged during The Bachelorette,” she said in a recent Sam and Rove live chat.

“I used to have really long, luscious hair which was natural, then from all the styling – I would get my hair styled four times a day with hot tongs –  and it’s all broken.” (WATCH: It’s not the first time Sam Frost has sported a mullet. Post continues after video.)

And although the underneath is a little healthier, it’s having a significant effect on her self-esteem.

“It’s just a mess at the moment. I’m a bit self conscious about how my scrappy my hair is looking at the moment,” she said.

Image: Facebook/SamandRove


"But I'm putting treatment in it and I'm using protein spray and Moroccan oil." (Post continues after gallery.)

It's no secret bad hair days have the power to ruin a perfectly good day - just as an unexpected GOOD hair day or an exciting hair change can provide an instant boost.

But if you've looked closely at recent red carpet pictures of Frost and thought her hair looked suspiciously voluminous, then well done you, Sherlock - there's a secret behind that.

"I will admit when I go to events I get clip on hair extensions in just because hairdressers don't really like my mullet happening, you know, they think it's not as glamorous," she says.

Ironically, it's not the first mullet Frost has sported.

Image: Instagram (@fro01)


Earlier this year, she described her hair during The Bachelor days to The Glow as a "Top Deck mullet." Delicious in chocolate form yes, but hair? Not so much.

While the mullet is definitely one of those hairstyles we pray remains very much restricted to bad '80s photos (we're looking at you, Billy Ray) if there's anyone who could pull it off, it's Frost.

What's your biggest hair disaster?