Sam Frost drops a massive truth bomb about The Bachelorette finale live on radio.

When The Bachelorette‘s Georgia Love told Matty J that she had “found love, just not with you,” the nation, much like Matty J himself, doubled over in pain.

It was excruciating to watch – and without a doubt the most raw, heartbreaking rejection we’ve ever seen on national television.

On Friday morning, radio host Sam Frost (aka the previous Bachie queen) weighed in on the agonising finale.

Her co-host, Rove McManus, pointed out that Sam Frost’s season of the reality show didn’t seem to be quite so gut-wrenching. Indeed, out of all the seasons of the Bachelor franchise, Frost’s was by far the most predictable.

Her chemistry with Sasha was palpable from the first moment they met, and it was no surprise when she let down runner up Michael Turnbull on the rolling hills of New Zealand. We were all just waiting for the moment she finally got to tell Sasha she loved him.

Sam and Sasha are still together. Image via Instagram.

According to Sam, there's a reason the two seasons of the Australian Bachelorette feel so different. "My season was the one time we had a different producing team," she explained.

But despite her clear concession that a lot of what we feel has to do with production and not reality, Rove was still feeling miserable about last night's result.

"I'm just saying I don't like seeing nice people having their hearts broken. That to me is not fun," he said.

"No, it's awful," Sam agreed.

Matty J literally doubled over in pain. Image via Channel 10.

The two discussed Matty J's heartbreak at length, with Rove saying it was "like a ghost kicked him in the testicles."

To try to ease their pain, the radio duo aired a version of Georgia Love's commentary about the show with key words bleeped out, to make it sound as though the show was about something else entirely. 

While it made us laugh momentarily, absolutely nothing can heal the gaping hole left by last night's devastating finale.

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