Sam Frost debuts love song to Sasha Mielczarek. It's everything we could hope for and more.

There is one bit of advice my mother gave me that has always stuck: you can’t be good at everything.

Former Bachelorette and 2Day FM co-host Sam Frost demonstrated her unique singing abilities on Monday’s Rove and Sam show.

Frost, 27, performed the debute of the love song she has been work-shopping with industry heavyweights Delta Goodrem and One Republic front man, Ryan Tedder.

The ballad titled “Crash Into Sash” is a real life love song dedication to blokey beau Sasha Mielczarek.

Source: Screenshot/2day FM.

I have studied the song in infinite detail to share its highlights.

"He's a mighty big unit and he sure can pash."


"And you know he's gonna get that kiss when he says romantic things like this..."

Frost then puts on a flawless Sash/Oscar the Grouch impression to sing:

"Hey Sam, oh you are so pretty."


Co-host Rove McManus is clearly loving it. Source: Screenshot/2 Day FM.

The song dutifully covers some other important parts of their relationship with lyrics that ring all too familiar.

"Want to know the secret, here's the trick, try and find a man with a real massive..."

Wait! I know this one. Have I heard this song before?

"...heart, massive heart."


My mistake.

Source: Screenshot/2DayFM.

The 31-year-old project manager gave his girlfriend some career advice once the song ended.

"I'll give you a hot tip, do not give up radio," Sasha said.

Co-host Rove McManus, 42, told Sasha there was a 'suggestion of how well endowed you are in the song.'

Frost butted in: "Because it's massive."

"My heart?'" Sasha innocently asked.

"Also your other throbber," Frost said.

Think about the kiddies in the cars guys, let's try keep it PG...