Sam Frost spent last night celebrating with a previous Bachelor flame.

Even though the lovely Sam Frost chose Sasha as her one and only on The Bachelorette, there seems to be no love lost between her potential flames from last year.

Posting on Instagram, Sam shared photos celebrating the birthday of Dave The Plumber, a.k.a. Dave Billsborrow.

Dave also posted an adorable photo from his celebrations, calling Sam one of his "best friends".

You know the best thing about birthdays... Hanging with your best friends! ????????????????

A photo posted by Dave Billsborrow (@dave_billsborrow) on

Hilariously, Dave Lloyd also from the Bachelorette, commented on the photo wondering why he and Sash weren't the "best friends".

Sam wasn't going to put up with kind of sass replying, "...mate you and sash weren't there! If you're really besties you would have come ???? don't worry I held the fort #replaced..."

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Taking a look through Dave the Plumber's Instagram, it seems as though there are a number of people who have remained close friends from last year.

Scroll through to see the 2015 Bachelorette squad. (Post continues after gallery.)


Throughout this season of The Bachelor, both Daves have been sharing who they think are in to take Richie's heart.

Dave Lloyd has even gone as far to call some of the women "free wheelers".

"Talking tactics and eating steaks. Plus watching Richie deal with all free wheelers! #kikiforthewin", Dave posted to Instagram.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the season Dave The Plumber picked Olena, Sasha, Megan, Nikki and Faith for the top five.

"I think they are all great in their own special and CRAZY way. I also can't wait to see what Keira gets up to," he added.

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