Sasha Mielczarek found a ridiculous yet genius way to stop Sam Frost crying.

If there’s anyone who Sam Frost loves more than boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek, it’s her siblings. And naturally, saying goodbye after a family weekend together is a teary affair, as Sasha witnessed over the weekend.

On the Rove and Sam Show yesterday, 27-year-old Sam recalled bursting into tears in the car after dropping her sister at the airport following a recent visit.

sam frost crying

Sam Frost with her sister. Source: Instagram

"My chin started wobbling and I was like, 'I miss her so much already,'" the former Bachelorette said, explaining she was sobbing "like a child."

Faced with the predicament of driving a car through Sydney and trying to cheer up his crying girlfriend, Sasha was forced to do some quick thinking.

"He's looking around the car for some tissues," Sam continued.

"No tissues. But Sash found a party blower and he's like, 'Blow in this, it will make you feel better.'"

(By this point, we're wondering how it is that someone has a party blower in the car and no tissues, but perhaps it's better to not ask questions.)

sam frost crying

Sam Frost with her two younger brothers. Source: Instagram.

After questioning the suggestion at first, the radio host eventually agreed to give it a try — and the comedic value of the party blower had an instantaneous effect in cheering her up.

Sasha used the same technique at home later on to keep her spirits up, with the impromptu solution working a treat.

Just like that, Sasha continues to be the MVP in the life of our most loved Bachelorette.

And now we know what to do next time we're feeling low.

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