Sasha just bought Sam Frost the ultimate boy car -- and "she hates it".

Interesting choice, Sasha.

Sam Frost told Sasha Mielczarek in The Bachelorette that she doesn’t have “nice things”. One of the not-nice things she did have was a smashed-up Hyundai Getz, so Mielczarek decided to replace it for her.

Sasha went for the ultimate boy-racer car, which I have on good authority is a 1969 Camaro. Lovely gesture. Unusual choice.

The Camaro. Image via Instagram.

While undoubtedly a superb piece of machinery, it looks like the kind of car in which one would perform a series of blockies around the local shops and catcall hot chicks.

The Daily Mail has given the creepy and invasive effort of examining the state of Frost’s poor old Getz.

It’s been parked on a street in Bondi for three months, apparently. The back was filled with bottles, old mail, magazines, shoes and clothes, plus a dirty plate and “frying pan, cheese grater, plate, bowl and a heater”.

Perhaps it was revenge for this? Image via Instagram.

The Getz sounds like a wonderfully spacious vehicle. Why did Mielczarek not simply take it to a panel beater instead of buying her his teenage dream car?

“Bought Sam an early Christmas present… she hates it! Haha,” he wrote next to the pic of the car on Instagram.

Instagram followers are onto him, though. “Tell the truth, you really brought it for yourself lol,” one wrote.

That seems to me to be the only explanation, insightful Instagram commentator.

Tenuously related piece of information: I discovered there are at least 34 songs with the word “Camaro” in the title. None of them are by women.

Sam Frost, this one’s for you.

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