Sam Frost tells police she was "threatened" by a photographer.

Ah, yes, yet another example of a paparazzo overstepping the mark and being a public nuisance.

The latest victim? Sam Frost.

Everybody’s favourite reality TV and radio personality had a nasty run-in with paparazzo Jonathan Marshall on Tuesday, causing her to contact police saying she “felt threatened”.

Arriving on the scene shortly after, police issued Marshall with a “move on” order.

Everybody’s favourite reality TV and radio personality had a nasty run-in with paparazzo Jonathan Marshall on Tuesday. (Image via Instagram)

Under NSW law, the police can move on a person if they are in a public place and, on reasonable grounds, are believed to be obstructing another person or traffic, harassing or intimidating another person, likely to frighten a reasonable person or there to buy or sell drugs.

According to Marshall, though, he was doing none of these things.

“I was just taking her photo,” he told Sydney Morning Herald.

It’s not exactly the first case of an Australian paparazzo intimidating a celebrity this year.

Earlier this month, an amateur paparazzo by the name of Jayden Seyfarth verbally assaulted U.S. singer Pia Mia at Sydney Airport.

You can watch a video of Jayden Seyfarth’s interaction with Pia Mia below. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Fairfax Media

Before boarding her flight home, Seywarth could be heard yelling a string of obscenities at the young star and her entourage.”Why do you hate your fans Pia? How does it feel to live off Kylie Jenner’s success? You’re a one-hit wonder … I’d rather cut off my hand than go to your concerts.”

As Pia Mia moved through the domestic terminal, Seyfarth directed one last vile comment at her: “I hope your plane crashes.”

Delightful, no?

Unfortunately (yet unsurprisingly), Seyfarth failed to grapple with the severity of his remarks, later telling Fairfax media he did not regret making the comments.

“I didn’t want her to come back … If I regretted it, I wouldn’t have said it in the first place.”

Do you think the paparazzi go too far?

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