Sam Frost is a blonde bachelorette no more.

Images: Instagram

It looks like Sam Frost has well and truly put that whole ‘engaged for 5 minutes then jilted on national telly’ fiasco behind her.

First she hoiked the $58,000 Bunda engagement ring dirty street pie Bachelor Blake Garvey presented her with in the show’s final episode, and now Sam’s kissed goodbye to her trademark golden hair.

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Ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favourite blonde bachelorette has just crossed over to the dark side. The 25-year-old shared a photo on her Instagram this morning featuring her fresh new chocolatey-brown look, which she’s evidently had for a couple of days now.

"Thank you to the babes at @salon_twosixsix. I'm loving the darker locks. You guys always do such an amazing job!!" she wrote in the caption.

Well damn, Sam, you look goooood. Also, you look like you've just flown home from a holiday in Barbados. What's the secret to that glowy complexion, huh?

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That's not the only exciting piece of Sam Frost news to come to our attention today. According to reports, she's also launched her own dating site. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Keep on keeping on, Sam. We're tipping our hats and raising our dirty street pies to you.

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