Has the Bachelorette made Sam Frost sympathetic to Blake Garvey? Not at all.

Nope, she still doesn’t get it.

Bachelorette Sam Frost says that after being in the same position as her former fiance Blake Garvey, she has even less sympathy for him than before.

Garvey proposed to Frost in the final episode of the second season of The Bachelor, only to ditch her for Louise Pillidge, whom he’d ousted earlier.

Mamamia asked Frost if her experiences have made her more sympathetic to Australia’s premiere love rat.

“No, not at all,” she told us.

Sam with former fiance Blake Garvey.

“I think that if anything I can’t really comprehend how he got so confused because the whole time I was very sure of my decisions and I was very sure of who I am and what I wanted.

“I never had any regrets.”

Sam being serenaded on the show.

Frost’s heartbreaking experience on The Bachelor left her feeling raw and unwilling to put herself out there again.

“I definitely had to be convinced by my friends and family [to do The Bachelorette]. And after a while of going back and forth with Shine and TEN and realising that everyone wanted the same outcome for me to find love, I decided to sign on,” she told Mamamia.

After the less than ideal outcome of her The Bachelor relationship, Frost decided not to worry about how things would turn out.

“I promised not to put pressure on myself to fall in love or have a huge fairy tale ending. I had realistic expectations that I said: ‘Alright, let’s meet these amazing guys and see what happens and just stay true and honest to myself.'”

Sam Frost’s suitors.

The shoe being on the other foot was a weird experience for Frost, after having been one of 20 girls vying for Blake Garvey’s attention.

“It was definitely a unique experience,” she said, but “when I’m on a date with someone 110 per cent of my attention is on that person and making sure they feel valued and respected the whole time.”

Frost knew from the beginning that there were certain bachelors who perhaps weren’t her type (ahem, David Witko).

“You can tell immediately if there’s chemistry. But in saying that, it’s important that you look further to if you could actually have a long term relationship and look past the physical attraction to see if there’s a foundation there.”

Sam Frost with her The Bachelor counterpart Sam Wood.

Despite dating all the men at once, Frost says she’s got a deal-breaker.

“Cheaters. If you’ve cheated before, no thank you.”

Much has been made of the serious lack of racial diversity among her potential suitors, something that Frost has defended as a non-issue.

“I defended it purely because I think people are just people. And I think the guys are so diverse with all different backgrounds and upbringings, that I just felt it was a bit of a shame that so much emphasis was on race.”