Sam Frost defends her perfume application technique. You do you, Sam.

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Thought you’d done the hard part choosing your signature perfume? Turns out that’s just the start, with the controversy really starting with application.

While traditionally most people apply it to their neck or wrists, Sam Frost found her erm, unique, technique of applying it to her stomach come under fire on the Rove and Sam show yesterday.

“Why do you spray there? That’s not a zone! No-one says spray down there [gestures to groin area]… on your belly,” asked a bemused Rove. (Watch:What kind of perfume sprayer are you? Post continues after video.)

“You know how you spray behind your knees, so I [spray my belly] so it wafts up for when people hug me,” Frost responded.

“How else are you going to get the Frost on you?”

Excellent question.

Determined to prove to Rove that she wasn’t alone, Frost then took to Instagram to find fellow #perfumebellyspray devotees.

Image: Instagram/@fro01


They came in their droves.

"Yes! I spray my wrists and rub them together then wipe them on my neck, spray my middle area and my hair haha! Always have and always will," wrote missellamoncheriejane.

Eventsbyalysia added: "Under the t-shirt from the belly up! I thought this was normal." (Post continues after gallery.)


Plenty of others also described the ways they spray their belly, hair and all over to leave a trail of scent behind them, to which Frost agreed.

"Ha! Thanks ladies, he thought I was a massive weirdo!! A spray definitely in the hair too," she responded in the comments.

Even Rove seemed to be convinced - commenting "Frost Waft - Sam's new fragrance coming soon."

As for her perfume of choice? Valentino Donna.

What weird place do you spray your perfume?