No shower cap? No problem, thanks to Sam Frost's genius shower hack.

There’s nothing worse than being caught short in the shower… without a shower cap, we mean.

While it’s definitely a ‘First World Problem’, there’s no denying the frustration of forgetting the one thing that will keep your hair from getting wet and ruined while you practise your singing wash yourself.

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost recently found herself in this predicament, thanks to a rogue shower head.

“At the moment my shower is broken, so it doesn’t just spray down in the one direction — it sprays up on the roof then bounces back down on you,” she told The Glow.

To make matters worse, she’d just had her hair blow-waved.

But rather than doing the awkward try-to-keep-head-out-of-stream-of-water shuffle dance the rest of us would, quick-thinking Frost had a genius hack up her sleeve. And it requires just two items that are probably already in your bathroom cupboard:

Yep, just grab a plastic bag, wrap it around your head and secure the front with a hair tie and you’ll have an instant, super chic shower cap alternative.

Sam Frost, rescuing your hair since ’16…. and rescuing her own, wiser head for much longer.

“I’ve been doing it for years and I honestly never thought anything about it because I would just always put a plastic bag on my head with a hair tie,” she said.

She’s not alone, with many of Frost’s followers also admitting they do the same thing on the regular.

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“U know what! I do the exact same thing!!!! I thought I was the only one! My partner is always telling me to buy one I’m like why these are free!!!! Haha,” wrote one fan, while another added, “I do this when I dye my hair, wrap it so I don’t get it everywhere.”


Frost’s partner Sasha Mielczarek wasn’t, ahem, quite so impressed though.

“Sasha was over and I told him ‘I just want to make sure my hair doesn’t get wet’ and put a plastic bag around my head with a hair tie and he said ‘What the hell are you doing. You are the strangest person ever’,” she laughed. (Post continues after gallery.)

“So the people that commented made me feel normal.”

To protect your hair from the rain, at water parks and for DIY dye situations… Are we the only ones who’d never thought of this versatile trick?

Frost is not the only quick-thinker when it comes to makeshift beauty items.

Fellow radio host Mel Greig recently got inventive during a spray tan when the beautician was out of caps to protect her hair:

Once again, it seems Frost’s down to earth and warts-and-all posting is a hit with her followers.

“Nice to see you in your natural state Sam Frost, You are the real deal, love your shower cap maybe with a marker you could put some dots on it,” read one comment.

Have you done this trick before?