The $6.99 tinted moisturiser Sam Frost loves.


From mental health issues to online bullying and home-made shower caps, Bachelorette turned 2DAY FM breakfast host Sam Frost is not one to keeps things close to her chest. And thank goodness for that, because we caught up with the Alpha Keri ambassador recently to find out every single beauty product she uses in her day-to-day life.

Yes, oversharing is a good thing.

The Morning Routine.

“Extra strong coffee! I can’t function without my morning coffee.”


“I wash my face morning (and night) using a Dr Spiller cleansing milk, followed by a light-weight Clinique facial moisturiser (from $29). I have experimented with a few products but these are my favourites that I’m using at the moment.”

Makeup Time

  • Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation as it’s super light on your face ($92).
  • Nars blush in Orgasm ($44).
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for the dark circles under the eyes ($63).
  • Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara ($34).
  • Benefit eyebrow kit or goof proof pencil (from $42).

Bachelorette-no-more Sam and boyfriend Sasha regularly share their love on social media. (Post continues after gallery.)

Handbag essentials.

Zoe Foster-Blake‘s Go-To Pinky-nudey lips, $17, its actually the best. Generally, I don’t touch up [my makeup] during the day. Unless we are interviewing someone live in the studio, I might pop on some blush to make sure I don’t look like death.”

WATCH: Sam reveals her mental health struggles from dealing with online trolls. Post continues.

Budget Favourites.

  • “Alpha Keri Micellar Body Cleansing Milk (14.99): “I pop it onto a loafer instead of soap, it lasts forever.”
  • Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment ($6.60), I use it for dry lips or if I feel need a little bit of something, and don’t want to use a heavy lipstick or super-sticky gloss.
  • Nivea tinted SPF Facial Moisturiser (currently $6.99): If I want to quickly duck down to the shops and look extra ghostly, I will apply a thin layer to look like I’m not completely sleep deprived.”

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"I've been hooked on Marc Jacobs Daisy ($90) for about three years, it's probably time to try something else out, but I just love it so much."

Hair and Beauty Treatments.

"My hair is a disaster at the moment! It's damaged and my scalp is super dry - it probably doesn't help that I'm going lighter, too. I wash my hair probably every three days, I am trying to get my hair back into a much healthier condition so I try to avoid blow drying and hot irons as much as possible and I'm obsessed with Olaplex leave-in treatment.



"I love a DIY Thursday pamper night at home. Nothing too over the top. I just have a good soak in the bath, scrub off my botchy fake tan, shave, pop in a hair treatment. Easy peasy!"

The Night Routine.

"Every work-night I'll absolutely wash off my make-up before bed (I love the Dr Spiller Cleansing Milk, my favourite), or else I feel gross the next day. On the weekends I try my best to do a quick face wash before bed, but if I have been out on the wines, its safe to say my  makeup comes off on my pillow case."


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"I've nailed my morning routine to a tight five minutes. So at night I take my time, shower, scrub and moisturise. I use Alpha Keri’s Micellar Body Cleansing Milk ($14.99), Alpha Keri’s Intensive Recovery Body Cream ($8.99) and for my face Dr Spiller collagen cream."



 Wind down routine.

"During the working week, at the end of the day I'll usually FaceTime Sash, then I'll pop my phone on silent and put it away for around 40 mins before bed. I'll read a book, or do some boring bits and pieces around the house, I try to have a technology detox as much as possible after a busy day. Shower. PJs. Cup of peppermint tea. Cuddle Rocky. Bed."

What's your beauty routine?

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