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Let's take a moment to celebrate the smackdown that Sam Frost delivered last night.


Bravo, Sam Frost. Bravo.

Today, we are celebrating Australia’s Bachelorette, Sam Frost. Last night, Sam delivered a glorious smack-down on a contestant who insulted her intelligence.

David Witko is, just in case you didn’t hear him the first 23904260 times he said it, an international model. And apparently, one prone to jealously.

David is a model.

At last night’s cocktail party, David was taken over by a case of the green-eyed-monster, while Bachelorette Sam was chatting to soccer player Michael.

Michael had been getting quite emotional with Sam, they were entering proper D&M territory when David moseyed on over, totally shattering the bro-code the bachelors had established.

He was rude. No two-ways about it.

Sam took a moment to continue her conversation with Michael, and David was left looking like a very awkward pimple on a very awkward pumpkin.

And by ‘some of the boys’ I mean me, myself and I.

Michael was poised to bow out gracefully, when David piped up again. “Some of the boys have voiced some concerns,” he said, about how much time Sam was spending with one person.

Despite the SCREAMING AWKWARDNESS Sam asked David if he would like to continue the conversation.

David told Sam that ‘the boys’ were feeling intimidated by Michael, because he’s a soccer player, and he’s good looking and has tattoos. “We’ve all heard that you love the tattoos,” he tells Sam. Basically, not so subtly insinuating that all Bachelorette Sam was interested in was Michael looks.

And then it all kicks off.

You have GOT to be kidding.

“I think it’s absolute rubbish,” says Sam, “that anyone would have this ‘theory’ that I care about materialistic bullshit. Which I don’t. At all. I am the last person on the planet that would date someone for their status. That is the most offensive thing anyone can say about me.”


Oh, David how wrong you were.

“If that’s what kind of person you think I am,” she said, “then you can leave.”

Excuse me?

And leave he did, as surprise, surprise, (after about another MILLION YEARS of cringe-worthy conversation) Sam bid David farewell.

But not before he tried (and failed) to explain himself, and get in with one last dig at Sam. She had “misinterpreted the situation”, he said. He was relieved Sam didn’t give him a rose because she’d been “too quick to judge.”

Finally, David told the Bachelorette she had “made a mountain out of a mole-hill.”

Sam’s response?

“Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure.”

You can watch the moment Sam Frost kicked David out like a boss below. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

Calm, serene and like an ABSOLUTE BOSS Sam said sayonara, signalling to the door she would like David to promptly exit through.

Yes, Sam. YES

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