"I'm so nervous": Sam Burgess shares his biggest fear after becoming a dad for the first time.

Eight weeks ago, South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Sam Burgess and wife Phoebe welcomed a baby daughter, Poppy Alice Burgess, into the world.

While they both no doubt expected a challenge, the NRL star today spoke to Fitzy and Wippa about how he’s adjusted to fatherhood, and what terrifies him far more than anything on the footy field.

He began by praising how easily his wife has taken to motherhood, telling the hosts, “Phoebe’s amazing. She’s a great mother.” To both of them, it’s been a shock how quickly the time has gone, with Burgess explaining, “eight weeks feels like one day.”

Of course, Fitzy and Wippa couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask the 28-year-old about a recent photo shared by Phoebe, where he’s pictured cooking, while holding Poppy in a baby bjorn. The only thing missing, incidentally, is pants.


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“It’s nice to give Phoeb’s a rest,” Burgess laughed. “I’m going to teach Poppy to cook… so in a few years we can sit on the couch with a few tinnies while she cooks.”

But it was a question from Fitzy about Burgess’ fears as a parent that provoked a moment of raw honesty from the English player.

“Your hands would just completely cover Poppy’s head,” said Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald. “Are you more nervous about dropping Poppy than facing a few front packs in the NRL?”


The radio host, who is a former Australian rules player and father-of-one, seemingly struck a chord with his comment.

“At the beginning, definitely,” said Burgess. “She’s so fragile… you are scared to do something wrong or drop them.”

“I’m so big and I don’t want to crush her arm or sit on her foot. I’m so nervous.

“Probably because it’s so unknown, I’ve never done this before, I’m probably more nervous than playing a game of footy.”

Indeed, for the 6’5 sportsman, who weighs in at 116 kg, it must be confronting to handle a newborn baby who weighs only a few pounds. When you’ve lived your whole life playing ‘rough,’ caring for baby Poppy must be a huge adjustment.

But Burgess will no doubt rise to the challenge, with his 27-year-old wife beside him.

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