For Sam Armytage, there might be a (thin) silver lining in Trump's victory.

Sam Armytage might have discovered one of the few silver linings in a Donald Trump victory.

As the votes mounted in favour of the Republican candidate this afternoon, the Sunrise host Tweeted that she had wagered on him winning earlier this year.

“Would now be a good time to confess that, 6 months ago, I (randomly) put $100 on Trump to win,” she wrote.

“He was paying 100-1…………..”

But despite the likely windfall, Armytage isn’t celebrating the outcome.

In fact, she commented below the post that it was bet she would have been “happy to lose”.

The 40-year-old’s followers sympathised with the bittersweet (but mostly bitter) side of her win.

Don't worry, Sam.

Money might not bring happiness, but it certainly can't hurt on a day like today.

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