In one glorious post, Sam Armytage proves she is truly over "rubbish" romance rumours.

Welcome to the life and times of Sam Armytage, where it’s probably a safer world for you if you don’t stand, sit or talk to another man lest people assume it must mean you are dating.

For the billionth time this year, Armytage’s relationship status has made headlines and rumoured romances thrown into the spotlight, with fans and media alike throwing their opinions around as if her love-life is public property.

On Sunday, media reported that the Sunrise co-host had finally found love! With a fellow reporter! Sources had actually confirmed it!

Specifically, reports surrounded the 40-year-old’s apparent relationship with Channel 7 journalist Peter Fegan.

A *source* had apparently confirmed the news to the Daily Telegraph.

“They get along well, while it has been going on for a little while now, they are taking things slowly,” the source said.


“With her busy schedule and the paps constantly following her, things have been difficult.”

Except, they aren’t. Armytage has torn down the reports herself.

Listen to Sam Armytage on No Filter with Mia Freedman. Post continues after audio.

Mamamia reached out to Armytage for comment, and she directed us a to post she later added to Instagram.

In the post, Armytage acknowledged the incessant rumours and sought to immediately shut the conversation down.

“In the past week or so, according to the gossips, I’ve been ‘in love with’; a gay colleague, a straight colleague, a bloke I stood next to at the races 3 months ago, a Gladiator, a British boy-band member & 17 other people I’ve never met,” she wrote.

“All these men & I have a bedtime of 7.30pm…..I’m amaaaazing. (Why haven’t they linked me to Prince Harry yet!? I’m insulted…….) I urge all of you half-sensible people out there not to read/buy this rubbish. And certainly not to believe it. Where’s the integrity in ‘journalism’ these days? If I stand next to someone, it DOES NOT MEAN I’M DATING THEM. As you were…..”

Armytage also uploaded a photo of T-shirt that had the words, “No, I’m not dating anyone. No, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Yes, I want another slice of pie,” brandished across its front.

From her follow colleague in Fegan, to Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet and Russell Crowe and all the way back to Michael Usher, it appears the tabloids’ obsession with her love-life is as consistent as it is untrue.

We wonder who will be next on the list? Perhaps it could have been Prince Harry if Megan Markle didn’t get in the way.