Sam Armytage just received a message meant for another famous, blonde TV presenter.

It would be safe to say most of us fear sending a message to the wrong person on social media.

Maybe a wrong, NSFW image? Maybe an unintended declaration of love?

Well, Jessie of Instagram has just gone through this by accidentally proclaiming her admiration for Samantha Armytage for her work on the Footy Show.

Except, Sam doesn’t work on the Footy Show. Or, even on the same network.

Jessie wrote how she was now watching the show not just because her husband had it on, but because she was genuinely interested in it.

It was only after she pressed the send button did she realise that message wasn’t meant for Sam, but this woman here:

Rebecca Maddern, the actual new host of the show.

Luckily, Sam took the whole mistake very well writing, "Don't worry Jessie, I'll take the compliment (luckily she's hot, or I'd be SO offended)..."

Speaking of Sam Armytage, she spoke to Mamamia on the not so nice moments for women in media. (Post continues after video.)

Sam has ever so kindly passed on the message to her friend, Bec, who has faced a mixed response since joining the Footy Show as it's first female presenter.

But, don't worry Jessie of Instagram, this kind of thing can happen to the best of us.

Scroll through to see some of favourite photos of Sam. Images via Instagram.

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