Sam Armytage's face is being used in ads "flogging" diet pills, and she's not happy about it.

You know that feeling when you discover an online diet pill ad with your face on it? Yeah, it’s the worst.

OK, that actually hasn’t happened to moi because I’m obviously way too famous for that.

But other celebrities have been falling victim to such scams since the dawn of the Internet.

The latest is Sunrise co-host Sam Armytage.

It is understood a series of diet pill ads on social media had been claiming she was an ambassador for the product.


Armytage tweeted her angry response to the “complete BS” ads.

“I would NEVER advertise the stopping of eating,” she wrote. (Post continues after gallery.)

Masterchef‘s season one winner Julie Goodwin then tweeted in solidarity with Armytage, declaring she had previously found herself in a similar situation.


Armytage is currently holidaying in Europe after celebrating her 40th birthday.

We’re only sorry she has had to take time out from her precious beach commitments to deal with such “BS”.

Resting Beach Face.

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