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Sam Armytage says some true things about dating.






Sam Armytage would rather be at home with a good book than on a terrible date with a dickhead.


The sensible TV presenter says that she’s ready to meet someone special, but she doesn’t really know where or when or how. And to be honest? She’s more likely to say, “Stuff it, I’ll stay at home and read The Rosie Project” than go for $1 hot dogs at IKEA with someone horrible.

In other words, she’s a woman after our own hearts.

Let’s hear some more of Ms Armytage‘s awesome truth-talking on the subject of dating and dickheads.

“I meet a lot of people but it’s about connecting with someone and that happens very rarely. I’m quite fussy and I don’t mind that. As I’ve said before I’m not going to date any more dickheads so it has to be someone who’s in the right headspace. I don’t really want to waste any more time.”

And, finally, this beautiful, perfect statement of truth:

“I know it sounds lazy but I’d rather stay at home reading a book than go out on another appalling date. I’ve had my fair share.”


We’ve actually got a pretty sweet suggestion for Sam, and it’s this: Fall in love with someone who reads. Then you can stay at home with a good book together: problem solved.

And here’s Sam in some different situations, doing Sam things:

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