Sam Armytage goes out with a male. Entire world assumes they're dating.

That’s awkward…

Sam Armytage, 37, has become the target of gossip columnists everywhere since she was promoted to co-host of Channel 7’s Sunrise around two years ago.

In the past, her weight has been talked about and his fashion choices ridiculed. And now, the public has turned to her blossoming love life. Well, sort of.

Last night, at the AFL, an unsuspecting Sam Armytage uploaded a photo to her Instagram. The photo was captioned, “Go Swannies… @michaeljpell”.

That seems innocent enough, doesn’t it?

The shot of Sam with her boss, Executive Producer of Sunrise, Michael Pell, also happened to be sealed with a love heart. And we’re guessing this is where the assumptions began.

One commenter wrote, “I think this boss employee relationship is weird.”

Another noted, “If there is no romance, they still make a lovely couple.”

“You guys really oughta admit you’re dating,” suggested another.

And our personal favourite, “It kinda does look like it’s more than friends. If it is good for her.”

Thankfully, a few more likely comments made it through the floodgates, with one commenter writing, “Sam is simply at the footy with her work colleague/friend. Not sure why everyone then assumes they must be together. #mates #sydneysupporters”.

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