Sunrise host Sam Armytage caught singing "Afternoon Delight". Nails it.

If Anchorman taught us nothing else, it’s that TV news hosts love a little “Afternoon Delight”.

The ever affable Samantha Armytage has been caught enjoying some “Afternoon Delight” during an ad break while hosting Sunrise this morning.

Armytage did her best Veronica Corningstone impression for her breakfast television colleagues, belting out the 1976 Starland hit.

Natalie Barr’s face though.

Through fits of giggles, news reader Natalie Barr could be heard saying “oh God, she knows all the words” as Sam sung her way across the studio.

While co-host Kochie exclaimed from off screen “I dunno who’s been on the grog!”.

Good gag, Koch.

Now look. Far be it for us to question the spontaneity of this adorable sing-a-long but we’re not so sure Sam was “caught-out” here.

She does know ALL OF THE WORDS.

Staged or not though, Sam nails it just like Ron Burgundy nails… erm… You know what? We’ll leave it here.

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