Everyone thinks Snezana and Sam are getting married because of an Instagram photo.

There’s no doubt that people are very interested in The Bachelor, Sam Wood and his chosen belle, Snezana Markosk’s. So when Snezana posted a photo of a ‘white’ dress to Instagram yesterday, fans went in to a frenzy.

This is after Snezana and Sam had been talking about potential future wedding and baby plans on KIIS FM radio last week.

Sam and Snezana have talked about potential future wedding plans. Image via @snezanamarkoski Instagram.

Now fans are hoping, and assuming that a wedding day may be coming sooner than we all thought.

Snezana posted this photo of a stunning dress to Instagram with the caption, "Understated elegance. Love it @carolhannahbridal #effortlesslybeautiful #romance #prettyday #whosdesignisthis #understatedelegance #love."

The dress. Image via @snezanamarkoski Instagram.

As soon as the photo was posted fans jumped on it asking if this meant wedding bells were coming soon. It certainly looks like the dress is in a bridal shop...

Instagramers beamed with excitement.

And so the comments went. But The Bachelor winner answered the swarm of hopeful comments with her own post. She replied with:

It wasn't a complete buzzkill. She definitely didn't deny that a wedding would be on the cards at some point. She also let everyone know that we'd be the first she'd tell when she did start wedding dress shopping. Maybe it'll be like Say yes to the Dress for the whole of Australia.

Unfortunately guys, this photo isn't a hint that a wedding is happening next week. But Snezana's response definitely leaves us hopeful that wedding dress shopping may commence soon.

What do you think? Will they announce a wedding soon?

TAP on the image below and scroll through the gallery for more pictures of Sam, Snezana and Eve...

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