Sam and Snez could earn millions from a TV wedding. But what will they give up?


Last week we learned that dreams come true and love is real and reality TV is the way to find your dream lover when Sam Wood, 35, proposed to the girl he selected from among 20-something others on The Bachelor.

Snezana Markoski, 34, accepted his proposal, and now they are planning a “million-dollar wedding” to be aired on a major TV network, according to Woman’s Day.

In exchange for a “six-figure pay cheque”, Sam ‘n’ Snez will give up all rights to a private and intimate wedding for a televised extravaganza.

The ring is a wonder to behold.

So what exactly does a TV wedding entail? Well, it kind of takes the spontaneity out of things.

Imagine the stress and excitement of planning a wedding, and then imagine you had to consult a TV producer about every element of the day from venue to guests to the date.

With a whole film crew present, there’s going to be special lighting, director’s instructions and re-takes to get the exact right shot. I wonder how many times they’ll have to say “I do”?

Not to mention the guests: only the prettiest and shiniest will be shown, so no one will get to see Uncle Norm in his suit from 1970, and cousin Dave drunk on the dance-floor will likely be edited out of the final cut.


That interminable two-hour photo session that usually takes place after the ceremony will likely go on for many hours longer, especially if they’ve sold exclusive rights to a magazine.

On the plus side, everything will be free, and Snez will have her pick of gorgeous gowns and diamond-studded wedding rings. Of course, the companies providing these luxuries will want their pound of flesh, so product placement will be glaring: “Snezana, with this two-carat Bensimon ring available in-store or online, I thee wed.”

Wood proposed last week with a massive diamond. He posted a picture of it on Snez’s hand with the caption, “She said YES! When you know, you know. I love you Snezana ❤️❤️❤️.”

None of the major TV stations have confirmed whether or not they’ll be airing Sam and Snezana Get Married on TV Because Why Break the Habit of a Lifetime, but Channel 10, which airs The Bachelor, indicated it would jump at the chance.

“Nearly 1.9 million Australians tuned in to see Sam declare his love for Snezana and we would welcome the chance to work with the couple again. We wish them every happiness,” a spokesperson told Woman’s Day.