The life and times of Sam and Snezana’s romance.

There’s always a bit of scepticism around whether couples really can find true love on a reality TV show, but it seems Sam and Snez – who announced their engagement yesterday – did just that.

To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at their whirlwind romance.

Their first meeting:

Snezana made quite an impression on Sam from early on and made herself stand out from the crowd during their brief meeting by saying her exotic name rhymes with ‘parmigiana’. (This is possibly the moment he knew she was the one for him.) She was also upfront from the start about being a single mother to nine-year-old Eve.

Their first meeting. Love at first sight?

Their first date:

Unlike the usual ‘let’s go for a drink’ type date us mere mortals would be forced to endure, in reality TV land things are a little more extravagant.

Back when Bachie Wood and Parmigiana had their first date. (Post continues after video):

Sam and Snez take to the sky in a hot air balloon on theirs and the romance begins to flow. With a post-flight picnic of wine and baked goods, love was destined to happen here.


After a slightly awkward lean-in, the pair kiss. All in all, a promising start.

First date pash… yaaaasssss.

Their strong ‘physical connection’:

While all the girls are bobbing for apples and shearing sheep during a group date at a farm, Sam only had eyes for Snez.

He pulls her aside and tells her their “physical connection” makes up for the fact they barely know each other and that when they are apart he can’t stop thinking about her. And who can blame him? She is gorgeous. He is gorgeous. They will have gorgeous babies.

They pashed. Again.

Pashing on a group date? Controversial.

Their second date:

The Italian-themed date involved pizza-making, talking about emotions, eating a very fancy dessert and, of course, pashing. Sam told Snez he would be willing to be a step-dad. Cute.

Pizza and fancy ice-cream dessert = guaranteed snog.

Snez takes Sam to meet her family:

Sam meets the other love of Snez’s life – Eve, as well as her entire Big Fat Macedonian family. Naturally, he is grilled about the two other women he is still considering as potential suitors, questioned about how he plans to manage the fact the pair live on opposite sides of the country and reminded that Eve is the most important thing is Snez’s life. It would be enough to scare off even the most well-intentioned bloke. But not Sam. Sigh.

Snez only had eyes for one little lady on this date.

Their third date:

They get frocked up, drive around in a fancy car and then attend the ballet. Alone. It seems the manufactured romance of a TV set can actually translate into real life.

Snez meets Sam’s family and wins the show man:

She gets the tick of approval from his sister and dad, soon to be her in-laws. They have one final date, then Snez gets chosen over the last remaining contestant, Lana. Sure, it’s maybe not the ideal way to start a relationship with someone, but winning things is good.


Sam gave Snez a ring of questionable beauty – but in a friendly way, not an engagement way.

And then, their relationship – which had to remain out of the public eye until the finale aired in mid-September – was revealed.

Since the show…

The disgustingly good-looking couple have basically racked up a series of social media snaps more reminiscent of a Calvin Klein commercial than a real-life romance. Trips to Bali. Loved-up bed shots. Events. Weekends away. Family time with Eve.

Here is the highlights reel:

(Note: Do yourself a favour and look away now if you’re recently single.)

Thank you for everyone’s support. We couldn’t be more grateful. #thebachelorau

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A great day out with two beautiful girls. Love the photobomb by Eve❤️ #perthzoo A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on Sep 27, 2015 at 12:43am PDT


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And then Sam topped off the dream romance with this gorgeous rock.

Yes, and now the beautiful brunettes have announced their engagement on social media.

And we are so jealous of happy for them.

Congratulations, Sam and Snez. And thank you for making even the sceptics among us true believers, even if just for a moment.