Sam and Snez just let slip how their baby was conceived on radio. And golly gosh.

The tales of the Mile High Club – and the celebrities who have joined it – are legendary, and now it seems that a homegrown Aussie couple may have the bathroom of an airplane to thank for their baby’s pending arrival.

Speaking to radio co-hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on Monday morning, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski revealed that the conception of their baby “might have happened up in the air.”

Snez and Sam shared the news through some pasta-inspired Instagram photos. Source: Instagram.

When asked by Sandilands if Markoski "had a feeling" as to whether or not she was pregnant, the 35-year-old replied, "we were thousands of metres up in the air, so you never know."

"It might have happened up in the air," 36-year-old Wood confirmed, adding that it "wasn't on a domestic flight."

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The couple, who met on the 2015 series of The Bachelor, announced they were expecting their first baby, a girl, together two weeks ago.

Still laughing, Wood continued, saying he couldn't be sure. "We definitely don't think that's where it was conceived," he said, before Sandilands pointed out that it was, at the very least, a good story.

"Yes, the little baby's name will be QANTAS," Wood replied.

But Snezana corrected him. She said following their on-air experience, she took three at home pregnancy tests to confirm her suspicions, one by herself and a further two with Sam by her side.

Snez, Eve and Sam on holiday. Source: Instagram.

"She had sort of a feeling but didn't want to say something in case it wasn't the case," Sam said, "and then made me be a witness for time two and time three.  It was quite an interesting first-time experience," the fitness guru said.

During the interview on the KIIS FM breakfast show, Markoski also shared that Eve, her 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is "absolutely ecstatic about the whole thing; she is going to be a really amazing sister."

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