Sam Frost shares a very honest response to rumours she and Sasha are getting married.

Hours after an article focused on Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek’s supposedly upcoming “big announcement”, the woman at the centre of the engagement rumours has set things straight.

She didn’t need a big interview to do it, either. The 27-year-old shut down the hearsay for good in a single Instagram comment.

Comments via Sam Frost's Instagram page, @Fro01.

Sam's defiance that she is most definitely not getting married comes after "sources" told NW Magazine the couple - who met on the 2015 season of The Bachelorette - are "ready for it all [including] marriage and babies" and will make an announcement within the month.

"They've been acting all secretive like they're hiding something huge from the world that only they know about," the unnamed source insisted.

It's probably worth noting that in June, The Daily Telegraph published an article titled 'The Bachelorette’s Sam and Sasha hint wedding bells with ring'. Similarly, New Idea published an article, 'Sam and Sasha engaged!' around the same time.

Months down the track after these articles were published, there has been no change in the couple's relationship status.

Last night ⭐️ @batyraus

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To date, not a single rumour about Sam and Sasha's relationship has come to fruition.

So, is it likely these rumours about marriage and babies are also meaningless? Uhhhhhhh, yes. 

Let's just take Sam's word for it, and assume these "sources" know as much about Sam and Sasha's relationship as I do about quantum physics, okay?


Featured image: Instagram/Sam Frost

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