The truth behind Sam and Rhys's Bachelorette rivalry.

You’d be forgiven for thinking The Bachelorette was mostly about two guys who sort of hate each other and make funny jokes behind the other’s back, while some girl talks to random guys in the background.

But despite the constant squabbling between Sam and Rhys, who were both sent packing in a dramatic double date last night, Sam says he’s actually “pretty good mates” with the 29-year-old model/entrepreneur.

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Wait, what?!

“He slept in the bunk bed next to me. He was good, he never snored or anything,” Sam told Mamamia of his behind-the-scenes friendship with Rhys.

Just two mates, on a double date with the same girl. Image via Channel 10.

"He's just a bit different. He could handle a bit of a hard time. I don't think I said anything too malicious and I didn't upset him personally. We're still good mates and we talk all the time."

This...just changes everything.

Although he blamed editing for making their relationship look more hostile than it was in real life, Sam says everything we saw of him on the show was "definitely" his true self.

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"I definitely said all of those things. Some things may be a bit out of context, but I enjoyed watching it and I've laughed frequently at the things I've said," he said.

"I can't believe I said some of those things!"

Sam revealed he definitely thinks the show painted him as a bit of "weirdo" and as a bit of a bully.

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"Rhys is not a bad guy, I really like him, he’s just a bit different to me."

If they couldn't win Georgia's heart, at least these two fellas could settle their difference and spark up a bromance, right?