She survived cancer after her first baby was born. Now Sally Obermeder wants to have another one.



Sally Obermeder wants another baby, and she is considering a surrogate birth.

The Daily Edition co-host survived an aggressive battle with breast cancer over the past few years. She was pregnant with daughter Annabelle, now three, when she was diagnosed.

And now, 41-year-old Sally has spoken to New Idea about having another child.

“I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it’s far too dangerous for me to be pregnant again, in terms of the cancer returning. It’s sad and disappointing and I have cried a lot about it, because I loved being pregnant with Annabelle. It was just the most amazing experience.

“But if the cancer does come back, there’s not much doctors can do for me. That’s it, so I would never risk it. Given that knowledge, you would never knowingly do that to yourself or to your family.”

New Idea reports that Sally and husband of eleven years Marcus are exploring the option of surrogacy, both here and overseas.

In August, Mamamia reported:

She gave birth to a healthy little girl called Annabelle, who is now three and totally beautiful. Sally’s been cleared of her aggressive cancer, but as she told The Daily Mail last night, having kids after that harrowing near-death experience is still really hard.

On the red carpet for Myer’s Spring/Summer fashion parade, Sally said this about being a cancer survivor and a mama:

“It’s pretty complicated after being sick. It is what it is…. I feel good, I feel good. Touch wood. Everything is fine. I take it one day at a time.”

We wish Sally and Marcus all the luck in the world. Fingers crossed for some happy baby news.


Sally and daughter Annabelle, 3. 

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