My Perfect Sunday: Sally Obermeder

Last time she was on The Glow, Daily Edition co-host, blogger and mum Sally Obermeder showed us the top 5 products in her makeup bag. Today, Sally tells us exactly what she’d be doing on the Sunday of her dreams.

Hint: it involves Italian food, Kevin Spacey and Bon Jovi.

What are you eating?

"I’m out with Annabelle having an early brekkie at my favourite cafe in Bondi - Porch and Parlour. She’s having the smashed eggs on toast, I’m having the green brekkie bowl. We’re both guzzling a green smoothie and truth be told, I’m having a piccolo chaser."

What are you listening to?

"As a child of the 80s, I love a power anthem. For me this means a little Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses. To prove I’m not completely stuck in that decade, some Beyonce and Gaga."

What are you doing?

"My husband, Marcus, and I are taking Annabelle to the park, followed by a kids movie.

In the afternoon, I’m meeting up with my sister, Maha, for a mani/pedi as we talk about the week ahead at - our fashion, beauty & lifestyle website, where we focus on luxe for less."

What are you wearing?

"You’ll catch me in ripped skinny jeans, a t-shirt and Converse sneakers. Easy, practical and classic."

What did you do last night?

"After putting Annabelle to bed, Marcus and I went out for date night - we head down to our local, Da Orazio for an Italian fix. Post dinner, we settle in for a House of Cards marathon - I’m obsessed with Kevin Spacey’s monologues."

What are you up to on this fine Sunday?

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