Sally Obermeder just got some incredible news about her health.

Channel Seven presenter Sally Obermeder is celebrating today after learning her five-year cancer scan came back clear.

The Daily Edition co-host made the announcement through her Instagram account, posting a screenshot of a text message from her doctor giving her the all-clear from her PET scan.

“(It’s) hard to fully describe the absolute relief, elation and immense gratitude to have had my five year scan come back clear,” she captioned the image.

Sally was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer while pregnant with her daughter Annabelle in October 2011, and delivered her before undergoing chemotherapy.

While a five-year scan does not guarantee cancer won’t ever return, it is a significant milestone in cancer recovery, according to Cancer Council Australia. PET (Positron emission tomography) scans are generally used to assess whether cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

In her post, the 43-year-old also wished “love and strength” to anyone else going through their own health battle or supporting a loved one.

“My overwhelming love to my family, my friends and my true love, Marcus, who got me through this.”


This year is proving to be a very happy one for Sally and her partner, who are also currently awaiting the birth of their second child through a surrogate.

Colleagues at Channel Seven have been having fun coming up with names for her future bub, betting on the gender and name in an office sweep.

Sally has previously said she would have loved to have undergone another pregnancy, but it was too risky.

“I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it’s far too dangerous for me to be pregnant again, in terms of the cancer returning,” she told New Idea in 2015.

“It’s sad and disappointing and I have cried a lot about it, because I loved being pregnant with Annabelle. It was just the most amazing experience.

“But if the cancer does come back, there’s not much doctors can do for me. That’s it, so I would never risk it. Given that knowledge, you would never knowingly do that to yourself or to your family.”

The author announced Annabelle would become a big sister in July and had her last day in the Channel Seven studios on Friday.