Everyone's cheering after Sally Field tried to set her son up with Olympian Adam Rippon.


Sally Field just did a very Sally Field-y thing.

She… she… tried to set her son up with Olympian Adam Rippon… on Twitter.

It all started during Rippon’s free skate performance on Friday night.

Field’s son, Sam Greisman, was watching the performance and he texted his mum, telling her he might have a lil’ crush on Rippon.

And Field, well, she was into the idea.

She text him back, saying: “Sam… he’s insanely pretty. Find a way…”


Greisman posted the exchange on Twitter, writing: “Just some really helpful advice from my mum on how to deal with my Olympic crush”.

Then Field tagged Rippon in the thread. SHE. TAGGED. RIPPON. IN. THE. THREAD.


While Field possibly probably definitely embarrassed her son, Twitter bloody loved it.



You’ve got to love a mum who uses Twitter for match-making.