Sally Faulkner's open letter: "I guarantee you one thing. I will bring my children home."

It’s been almost three weeks since Sally Faulkner returned to Australia without her beloved children. Today, she writes an open letter about her promise to her children – and how you can help remind her children how much they are loved.

To all who cried tears with my children and felt sadness with my heart I thank you for your support.

It’s been a long road to this point. Over a year has passed since my fight began and to be honest it has been the hardest struggle of my entire life! I struggled to keep my heavy heart above my drowning tears. But one thing I want to make clear: I am not a victim and neither is their father.

As I heard those last words from our daughter and saw their innocent and trusting faces that last time, I closed my eyes at night and realise I couldn’t just shake it off.

“Mummy is it just a holiday with daddy, and we come back to you very soon?” My reply to that – “yes sweetie it’s just a fun holiday with daddy and mummy will come and bring you both home very soon.”

But what followed was hell on earth…”Mummy I want to come back but daddy won’t let me.”

Hearing my two year old boy at the time crying in the background saying "I don't want mummy to go" and my then four year old daughter begin to cry, "mummy I miss you"....The urge to throw up hit me hard in that moment like a sledge hammer to the chest.

For any parent who hears their children crying for them and not be able to hold them or fix the problem straight away it is crippling.

I knew in that moment - and I made a promise to them in that last conversation: "Mummy will find a way to bring you back to Australia, everything will be okay don't cry".

I remember her smile appear through her tears, "Okay, Mummy."

"Mummy will find a way to bring you back to Australia, everything will be okay don't cry." (Image provided)

Time went on, days went by, life kept moving. But my heart didn't.

I was stuck in that moment. My head consumed. My breath taken away and months later I still felt I hadn't caught it back. You see as a mother I'd do anything for my children - anything! Just like you reading this now. You'd move heaven and earth to make sure your child felt loved and secure and needed.

Well that's what I plan to do.

I failed once. So what?

Failures can be expected, but I will never accept that I cannot keep my promise to my children. They are counting on me. They are counting on my actions to have their voices and hearts heard.

They are the victims in all this and I can not just let this be "okay". You see, when they were with Mummy they had Daddy, but now they are with Daddy they can't even talk to Mummy.

My fight will carry on long after the media coverage is gone and I guarantee you one thing. I will bring my children home and they will know that both Mummy and Daddy love them, because both parents are important and parental alienation is child abuse.

I took a chance to trust the man you have seen the past few weeks and he has taken that trust for granted.

I am collecting letters from anyone who is willing to write one to explain their perspective on my mission, so that in years to come when my children are old enough they will have this to read. I want them to fully understand how hard I fought and that their mummy never, EVER gave them up or wanted this.

I took a decision to trust their father and he took advantage but I still have fight.


Lahela and Noah's mum.

If you'd like to contribute to the book that Sally is preparing to help remind her children how much they are loved, you can send your message of support to [email protected]