The Auburn Deputy Mayor knows exactly where a political wife should stand.

This is the Australian equivalent of Kanye West announcing his presidential ambitions.

Except Kanye had a much less ridiculous wedding and I feel like he’d do a much better job at governing.

The infamous Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer, 29, is clearly priming himself and his wife Aysha for bigger and better things.

The couple have been diligently practicing their serious president-and-first-lady stances, including an interview with A Current Affair which Mehajer insisted on conducting from behind a lectern, his loyal wife standing, hands clasped, behind him.

Channel Nine reports that Mehajer did the interview on condition that he will be allowed to stand behind a lectern.

He was wearing his very serious glasses which you know are not prescription. She was wearing her most Jackie O ensemble (she’s turning in her grave at that statement, I know).

Speaking to one singular Channel Nine reporter from on high, notes in hand and wife in her place “two metres behind”, Mehajer spoke of his prime ministerial ambitions.

Watch the ACA report here. Post continues after video.

“I would like to start off by being in state, federal and I’d like to make my way up to the very top spot. That would [be] my dream come true,” he said.

The woman formerly known as April from Dapto almost missed out on featuring in the interview at all, but her husband relented, somewhat doubtfully. “Yeah, why not. She should probably step back, though, like two metres,” he said.

The newlyweds. Image via Facebook.

This entire wonderful adventure that we’ve all embarked on since Mehajer and Aysha entered our lives via their ostentatious and traffic-disrupting wedding has had an extremely disturbing outcome: I agreed with a statement that came from the mouth of shock jock extraordinaire Ray Hadley.

“Let me just say that the deputy mayor of Auburn is suffering delusions of adequacy. If that’s the best we can do at Auburn, Paul Toole, the Local Government Minister, should today sack the entire council for electing this dope to be deputy mayor,” he said on the Today show this morning.

Delusions of adequacy! That’s actually funny. I feel odd.

Mehajer gave the carefully stage-managed interview after claims were made that he threatened family members of Sydney seige survivor Joel Herat following a gym altercation.

Mehajer is also wearing his very serious facial hair.

“Not only are these allegations false and misleading but they are sheer evil and unAustralian,” he said.

He also denied claims he’s one of a group of councillors called the “Super Six” who vote favourably for each other’s business propositions.

The Channel Nine reporter asked if all Mehajer’s council dealings are “above board,” and he responded: “Absolutely, but I would say I will do the best I can.”

What does that even mean?

He keeps fine company.

Mehajer posted a link to the interview on his Facebook page with the comment: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Clearly, my message was cut and selected accordingly. The answers every one is waiting to hear will be delivered soon.”

Never stop deluding yourselves, you gorgeous trainwrecks.

Do you secretly want the Deputy Mayor of Auburn to win the next leadership spill?