In defence of the massive, over-the-top wedding.

A man and a woman got married and it cost a bazillion dollars.

When Salim Mehajer and his wife Aysha got hitched on the weekend it was a pretty epic event. Four choppers. Fifty luxury cars whose names we can’t pronounce. A vajazzled tie:

Salim Mehajer’s Tie. Much Sparkle. Via iconicfilms


It was a pretty spenny affair. And, predictably, everyone is shaking their heads and waggling their fingers and calling the couple obnoxious and ridiculous and attention grabby as if it’s the FIRST TIME someone getting married has spent a bit of coin on a day that’s all about THEM.


A crowning moment (via iconicfilms)

Sure, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn may have illegally closed an entire street for the lavish motorcade of luxury cars. Sure, Saturday morning soccer games were halted so he could land four choppers on the local oval.

Original pic via iconic films… meme via mamamia


But here’s the thing: illegalities aside, if you have the cash, then why not have a big wedding?

It’s none of our business what people spend on their weddings, or how they do them. So why must we insist on weighing in like we are personally affronted how people celebrate this ritual?

So much of our lives are spent hand-wringing and finger waggling, complaining and clicking our tongues at the way people do things. How about a bit of STFU and just let people do what they like on their big day?


Some people will have chalkboard signs, hay bales and a cake their aunty made. It might be that that’s the way they want it, that’s what the budget extends to, or that’s just what makes them happy.

Others will have a Hollywood-esque film made, a motorcade, a “flower wall”, an eight-tiered cake, and a gold-plated motorbike roaring through the 500-strong reception. (Yes, truly, watch the video).

The day was so emotional even the cake was in tiers. (via instagram/iconicfilms)

Both will call it ‘The Wedding Of The Century’. Because to them, it is.

There’s so much bad shit going on in the world, we forget to enjoy the moments that count. So if burning through a few fat stacks on your day is what makes you happy, if you want to take your wedding to Kardashian level because that’s what gets you through the days, or that’s what might get you through the next 50 years, then fine. Put your vajazzled tuxedo tie on and go for it.

The rest of us can open a bag of popcorn and watch the wedding video (made same day via five cameramen, three drones, two editors and then played to the guests at the reception and then played many, many times here at Mamamia).

What do you think?