Salim Mehajer placed a tracking device on his wife Aysha's car.

A court has heard the disturbing details that prompted Aysha Learmonth to take out an apprehended violence order against her estranged husband, notorious former Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer.

It was yesterday alleged that Mehajer once placed a tracking device on Learmonth’s car and bombarded her with as many as 70 phone calls in a single day, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Despite this, the pair yesterday agreed to relax the conditions of the interim AVO, which means Mehajer is now permitted to contact his estranged wife.

The 30-year-old’s bizarre behaviour began after Learmonth moved out of their Auburn home in April this year.

In documents submitted to Wollongong Local Court, it was revealed that Mehajer tried to report his estranged wife as a missing person in July, telling police he feared she’d been kidnapped as she was five hours late for an engagement.

He then reportedly showed police maps from a tracking device that he had allegedly installed on her car, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The court also heard that Mehajer managed to track down her new workplace by calling numerous businesses until he ultimately found the right one.

Salim and Aysha. Source: Facebook.

The same conditions were yesterday placed on an AVO protecting Learmonth's brother-in-law, Ben Miller.

It was alleged that when his wife first left him, Mehajer turned up at her sister's home, where she had been staying, demanding to see her and that she return a Mercedes 4WD.

Mehajer allegedly banged on the glass and attempted to force his way inside before being confronted by Miller.

In an email to Learmonth’s sister explaining the visit, he wrote: “I have a sea of love for her, that droplets (when issues arise) is not enough to make me lose and forget her. Forever my love, forever my wife.”

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