Salim Mehajer insists he's not 'scary'. Posts video of Aysha to prove it.

Infamous Sydney property developer Salim Mehajer has shared a bizarre video to his Facebook account in which he attempts to frighten his estranged wife.

The five-second clip shows the 30-year-old waiting outside a lift and shouting loudly when the doors open on Aysha. Not startled by the prank, she simply smiles and says, “You’re not scary.”

The caption: “See I ain’t scary or intimidating.”

It’s believed the footage was not taken recently, as on Wednesday, the Downing Centre Court extended an apprehended violence order against the former Auburn deputy mayor that was filed by NSW police on behalf of his wife on July 11.

The order prevents Mehajer from approaching or making contact with the 30-year-old and also prohibits him from going within 50 metres of her home or workplace.

The AVO is in place until at least August 17, a restriction which means they will spend their first wedding anniversary apart.

Video via Amazing Video

The couple were married on August 15, 2015, in a famously lavish ceremony that shut down an entire street in the western Sydney suburb of Lidcombe.

Dubbed “the wedding of the century”, the nuptials included helicopters, several supercars and a fighter-jet flyover.


Despite an apparent split, Mehajer has shared numerous photographs of Aysha on social media, including the above which was posted to his newly established Instagram account over the weekend.

He also last week insisted that it was NSW Police, not his wife, that had pushed for the AVO, telling that "police seem to have nothing better to do then follow our footsteps [sic].”

"As mentioned before, only death will do us apart [sic],” he said.