Saffie Roussos' mum has been told her daughter died in the Manchester attack.

Saffie Rose Roussos’ mum has awoken from a coma to the devastating news her daughter was killed in the terrorist attack at a Manchester arena last week.

“(Lisa Roussos) was in a critical condition at first, but she came off life support on Saturday and was up and talking on Sunday,” friend of the family, Mike Swanny, told The Mirror on Thursday.

Swanny confirmed Saffie’s mother, Lisa, 48, was “aware of the situation with Saffie”.

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Saffie was the youngest of the 22 victims killed in the blast by a suicide bomber that injured more than 100 more at the end of an Ariana Grande concert.

The eight-year-old girl had attended the concert with her mum and sister Ashlee Bromwich, 25, who both suffered serious shrapnel injuries.

Swanny told The Mirror that Lisa, who is understood to have undergone two surgeries, had been removed from a life support machine on the weekend and was conscious.

“The news about Lisa being out of danger is the biggest in this since the start,” he told the newspaper.

“She’s still in hospital, but she’s moving her legs, which is fantastic. Lisa’s pulling through and it’s really important people know that.”

Saffie was the youngest victim in the attack. Image via Facebook.

The 38-year-old said Ashlee, who was being cared for at a different hospital to her mother, was doing "remarkably well" and may be discharged this week.

He said Lisa's husband Andrew had been "so strong" waiting for his wife to wake up and had been "overwhelmed" by the generosity of strangers making donations.

"He's not wanted to grieve until he knew his wife was going to be okay. He's been a machine all week," Swanny said.

"Andrew's been overwhelmed by it all, he said he didn't know these people were out there.

"I'm so proud of him, he's so commendable. Every time I've been to see him he's given me the strength to inform the people of Leyland (the town where Lisa and Andrew run a fish and chip shop)."

"People have been asking me about how they're doing, and I've been able to talk positively because of him. It's been bloody amazing that someone in his position can be like that."