Mother and sister of youngest Manchester victim "are going to be okay".

Eight-year-old Saffie Roussos died at the scene when a bomb exploded at Monday night’s Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena.

She is one of the youngest terror victims ever in the UK, and in the days since the attack, the media have not been able to confirm whether her mother and sister, both of whom sustained serious injuries from the blast, are aware of Saffie’s death.

While close friends remain unable to confirm that those injured are informed of what happened to Saffie, a family friend has told the Daily Mail that the girl’s 48-year-old mother Lisa and 25-year-old half-sister Ashlee “are going be okay”.

“They are going to be okay. They are safe. They are going to come through this physically and they will be okay,” said the friend.

“That’s what Andrew [Saffie’s father] is telling his close friends. All other details are private.”

Image via Facebook.

The public mourning for Saffie, who has been described as an "adorable," "bubbly little girl," has drawn attention to the fate of her mother and sister. Those who learned of her story have been desperately hoping her family will survive their shrapnel injuries.

Speaking to The Sun, forklift truck driver Paul Reid, 43, recalled how he comforted Saffie after he heard the bomb. He said he saw her and asked her for her name.

"I thought she said Sophie," he said.

“I wanted to keep her talking and asked her if she had enjoyed the concert but then I realised she was having difficulty breathing."

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She asked Reid where her mum was, and he reassured her they would find her in a minute. Reid said he wrapped her in his coat before helping her onto a stretcher, and tried to tell her she would be okay.

He was distraught to hear the following day that she died from her injuries.

“She was a dying little girl and she just wanted her mum. It was devastating," he said.

If you'd like to support the victims of the attack and their families, you can donate to the Manchester attack victims fund here.