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The bittersweet story of the bunny on the train.

In a story that reads like the plot of a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie, a sad little bunny who was lost on a train, has been reunited with his owner.

On Friday, the Zhong family was travelling on a train in Sydney, when their youngest daughter dropped her beloved bunny out of her pram.

Andrew Parker, who was also travelling on the train, saw the bunny fall out just as the doors were closing at Wynyard Station.


Parker was determined to reunite the bunny with its owner and so the search began.

He posted an image of the soft toy on Twitter, asking Sydney Trains to help him with his quest and when the transport company replied, the people of Twitter really wanted to see a happy ending.



And they got it. Thanks to the good will of one man and the power of social media, the bunny owner’s dad saw the tweet and reached out to Parker.


The little girl was reunited with her bunny on Saturday morning and Sydney Trains tweeted a photo of their reunion.

And all is good in the world again. *wipes away tears*