A pint-sized Aussie surfing prodigy just won Ellen DeGeneres' heart.


If you don’t already know 11-year-old Aussie surfer Sabre Norris, it’s unlikely you’ll forget her after watching her hilarious appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week.

The pint-sized prodigy became a worldwide sensation when she fat-shamed her former-athlete dad on breakfast television last month, just moments after becoming the second youngest person to compete in a World Surf League event.

Appearing on the US talk show, she charmed Ellen and her audience by telling them exactly how she spent her $500 prize money from Sydney International Women’s Pro.

Sabre had planned to spend the money on doughnuts, but after receiving some for free from Doughnut Time, decided to give $100 to each of her siblings then buy a Hershey’s Kiss as big as her head.

How big was it again? As big as her head. Image via EllenTube

"I found it in a candy store and it’s just sugar, fully just sugar," she told Ellen.

Sporting prowess clearly runs in the Norris family, but according to Sabre her father Justin Norris, who won bronze swimming butterfly at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, would rather she followed him into the pool.

You can  watch the full interview with Ellen here (post continues after video):

"If I want to be a swimmer I don’t have to do any chores but, if I want to be a surfer, I have to do this gnarly list," she said.

"It’s like: clean the toilet. They give me this gnarly, big list if I want to do competitions for surfing and it’s just like really long as well, and they think, 'Sabre’s never going to get it done.' So I just set my mind to it and I always get it done.”

She then proclaimed "swimming sucked" before the conversation quickly swung back to food.

Ellen couldn't get enough of 11-year-old Sabre Norris. Image via EllenTube

"I would die to go to Las Vegas. I would give you my left arm," Sabre said, when asked what her favourite place in America was.

"When I win a world title, and I’m rich, I’m going to go there to celebrate and I’m going to eat whatever I want. For breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Ellen pointed out just how tiny she was, which she responded to with following, flawless anecdote: "I did this record for pizza and it’s two large pizzas and one slice, from Pizza Hut. It was so good. I vomited afterwards."

She was rightly awarded a trip for two to Las Vegas with $500 to spend on snacks.