Blake Lively's Father's Day snap of Ryan and James has got some fans very worried.

The fans say they’re trying to be helpful.

Two days ago Blake Lively posted an adorable Father’s Day photo of her hubby Ryan Reynolds with their gorgeous baby James.

The 27-year-old actress captioned it, “Happy Fathers Day!!! …@vancityreynolds Since the day our baby was born, I’ve felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father. #ILoveYouSoMuchItsSilly”

Ryan Reynolds with baby, James. Image via @blakelively Instagram.

The photo shows Reynolds, 38 carrying baby James in a baby carrier, looking very happy. But apparently he and Lively are committing a big parenting no-no in the photo.

Can you see it?

Many commenter's were quick to jump on the photo to tell Reynolds and Lively that the way he was carrying the baby was very wrong and very dangerous.

Reynolds with baby James' hand. Image via @vancityreynolds Instagram.

Some people thought the first time parents 'mistake' was slightly funny.

Others were quite angry and frustrated about the fact that not everyone thought there was a need to tell the celebrity parents the proper way to carry a baby.

Other commenter's jumped to the young couples defence.

The Stir decided to tell parents why this photo did look slightly distressing for many people. They explained that the fact James' feet are together, dangling out of the carrier is not a good sign.

"When baby's feet are pushed together in a carrier, it increases the risk of hip dysplasia, as their little hips are basically pushed out of their sockets," they wrote.

Continuing to point out that doctors usually recommend that carriers support thighs, and that they should let legs spread to stabilise the hip position.

"The other thing going wrong here is that James' head seems to be completely obscured. Babywearers always want to make sure they can see their infant's face, and keep their airways clear," the publication wrote.

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We're sure baby James was very safe and the baby carrier was being used in the right way. We also know that both Lively and Reynolds are gorgeous, doting parents who adore their daughter.

People are just trying to be helpful we guess. Happy first Father's Day to Reynolds.

What do you think about people jumping on the baby carrier?

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