Ryan Reynolds responds to critics over baby carrier drama.

Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, thought she was doing the cutest thing when she posted a pic on Instagram of her hubby carrying their daughter James on June 21st – just in time for Fathers’ Day in the US.

That Instagram pic. image via Instagram.

The internet erupted, slamming Reynolds for the way he carried his six-month-old in her baby carrier. Fans derided the star for the way he positioned baby James, with her head obscured and her feet sticking out at the bottom.

Reynolds responded to his critics and fans alike when he went on the American Today show . Speaking to host Matt Lauer about his latest sci-fi movie, Self/Less, the conversation soon turned to the controversial Instagram photo. Reynolds said, “The baby’s not properly secured in the vessel that I’m wearing there... That is not the first mistake I’ve made. And I can guarantee you, it won’t be the last.”

We feel you, Ryan. If we had a dollar for every mistake we made when we first became parents, well, a few of us would probably have more than you earned on your last movie.

Thumb wrestling with dad. Image via @vancityreynolds Instagram.

The positive thing to come out of this drama is that Reynolds has learned and moved on from his mistake. He clarified that he usually places his daughter correctly into the baby carrier, but, "I’d never used that particular carrier before so… Every other time it’s been perfect.”

In case you're wondering, six-month-old babies should always be in a froglike, position, with their legs spread apart. Keeping their legs straight together could lead to hip dysplasia. Also, your baby's head should always be visible, keeping his/her airways clear.

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What mistakes did you make with your first baby?