The latest Ryan Gosling meme going viral

Ryan Gosling might be taking some time off from acting, but the Internet isn't taking any time off from him. The latest, greatest Baby Goose meme has hit the web, and it's about to make your day a whole lot brighter.

The 32-year-old Canadian is no stranger to the meme game, the most famous one being Hey Girl. That went on to spawn the equally hilarious Feminist Ryan Gosling (it even has a book), as well as other knock-offs, so it's nice to see a new RGos meme come into the fray.

Here are the hilarious Vine videos by Ryan McHenry in sequential order:

Don't bother washing your face before you eat your cereal:

You're going to have to eat it one way or another:

Oh, come on — it's not that bad:

Now that's just rude:

Don't you make that face at me — it's for your health:

Eating cereal is definitely not worth crying over:

Okay this is getting a little terrifying:

Alright, we get it, you're more of a brunch guy:

And if you need some more Gosling action in your life, check out MTV's classic "'Hey Girl' with Ryan Gosling:"