Ryan Gosling: We loved you already, but this is TOO MUCH.

Gosling. Yeah, we can totally see why he wouldn’t be your type.

Not a Ryan Gosling convert?

Sure, I can see why. It’s not at all attractive that he’s a feminist icon with photoshop-esque abs.

Or that he has eyes as blue as the sea and twice as deep.

It’s not like he shares his last name with a TINY FLUFFY BABY BIRD, for chrissakes.

If you really haven’t been won over yet, feast your eyes upon this list of why the man is a god:

1. He saved a woman’s life. As you do.

Last April, he pulled British journalist Laurie Penny out of the way of a speeding cab in New York. Social media exploded when she tweeted: ‘I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling.  Literally. That actually just happened.’

2. He used to live with Justin Timberlake.

Most of us wouldn’t hate having to shack up with these two. But before you get carried away with that thought, he was just a teenaged Mouseketeer at the time… and JT’s mum was also sharing their abode.

3. He’s got a social conscience.

When he’s not wearing a “Darfur” tee in protest of human rights abuses in Sudan, he’s helping with the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort, supporting PETA and the Enough Project, and raising awareness for Invisible Children Inc (they were responsible for the Kony 2012 campaign.)

4. He dated Rachel McAdams in real life.

I don’t need to spell out my feelings about Allie and Noah as a couple in The Notebook (okay then, mind-blowing JOY AND ADORATION). So we love that the actors dated in real life and we LOVE that, even after their break up, Ryan called Rachel “one of the great loves of my life”. If that’s not cute enough for you, the two were even born in the same hospital- St.
Joseph’s in Ontario.

Those abs. Staaaahp.

5. He was cast in the Notebook because he was unnattractive.


You read that right. Gosling has said that after being cast in the role, director Nick Cassavetes told him: “You know why I want you to do this part? Because you’re not handsome. You’re not cool.”

I’ll have to stop you there, Nick. If Gosling’s a moose, what hope is there for other men?

6. The love of his life is his mix-breed dog, George.

Sorry, Eva Mendes. (We’re not. It’s adorable.)

7. He broke up a street fight.

In 2011, the man broke up a street fight between two men on a New York City street. In the process, he somehow made manpris and nautrical tank tops look cool.

8.He’s Canadian, for a change.

In an industry where about 99.9 percent of celebrity crush candidates are American (apart from the Beibs- be still my beating heart…or something), it’s refreshing that Gosling was born in Ontario.

9. He got rejected.

Gosling gained loads of weight for a role in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones in 2007, but was replaced by the last minute by Mark Wahlberg, allegedly due to his age and “creative differences”. It’s kind of the most endearing thing ever that he was, as he put it, “fat and unemployed.”

10. He’s not vain.

After bulking up for Crazy Stupid Love, He could have done a Matthew McConaughey and whipped his torso out at every given opportunity. Hell, I would’ve. Instead, he’s said of his outrageous muscles:

“I just felt goofy having them. They just felt weird. They’re these weird things that sit under your skin that don’t do anything. What’s the real point in having them?”.

Well, we can see the point, Ryan.

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