Seven Year Switch's Ryan and Cassie open up about their daughter's difficult battle.

Seven Year Switch couple Ryan and Cassie have shared an emotional message on Instagram, revealing their 10-year-old’s battle with anxiety.

Alongside a photo of their eldest daughter with the quote “anxiety hides behind the most beautiful smiles”, the pair opened up about the moment they knew Ramani was suffering.

The couple shared a picture of their daughter with a touching message for other parents. Photo: Instagram

"Our eldest daughter, 10, suffers from severe anxiety," they wrote.

"In Term 2, 2016 we noticed a dramatic change in our daughter. She started becoming reclusive, stopped engaging in her usual activities outside and with friends, she cried at the thought of going to school and the physical effects of anxiety took over.

"She was nauseous and had pains in her tummy daily, she refused to eat certain foods for fear she would get sick, she lost so much weight on her already tiny frame and became overly sensitive and emotional."


Ryan and Cass shared they were "extremely concerned", and felt "helpless and frustated" to help their daughter. "It requires a lot of patience and hard work. We picked up the signs quickly and sort out the right avenues to get our little girl help. We are still working with her daily to help her through this time," the post read.


Ryan and Cassie - who recently welcomed another baby into their family three weeks ago - shared the post to empower other parents.

"We share our stories openly and honestly to hopefully help other families and parents. You are never alone on this journey...we can help one another when needed," they wrote.

Watch Seven Year Switch's Ryan and Cassie reunite for the first time after being apart. Post continues after video.

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The couple joined three other couples on the controversial reality showshow, revealing that their relationship had broken down when they lost their son, Dex, who was stillborn.

The couple announced they were expecting again during the show's reunion special, and have since shown their relationship has gone from strength to strength.