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Russell Brand calls his life with Katy Perry "vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed".

Unlike his ex-wife Russell Brand has rarely mentioned their marriage since ending it.

Katy Perry’s “documentary” Katy Perry: Part of Me chronicled a period in her life during which her husband of 14 months broke up with her via text message.

“He hasn’t spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce,” the pop star said sometime afterwards. How cruel, we thought. How heartless.

Well, now he is talking about the marriage that ended so unceremoniously but not in particularly flattering terms.

Watch the trailer for the new Russell Brand documentary here… Post continues after video.

In a trailer for a new documentary called Brand: A Second Coming the comedian and actor discusses how a trip to Africa for Comic Relief had a profound effect on how he saw his life — and his marriage to the pop star.

“I’m associated with the very thing that I detest: vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity. Fame and power is bullshit,” he says, before a clip of him with Perry is shown.

“That’s the very sea we’re swimming in… ‘Oh, who’s he? He’s married to Katy Perry’.”

Brand is the subject of the documentary but he is by no means its champion.

He’s reportedly not given filmmaker Ondi Timoner his approval to screen the film and actually attempted to prevent it being shown at South by South West in March, according to Us Magazine.

Brand wrote about it in a blog post on his website.

Some time ago when I was a newly recovering junkie sinking my teeth into succulent transatlantic fame we were contacted by a respected filmmaker who asked if I’d like to make a documentary about happiness and I leapt, ego first into a caper that would take 7 years and as many directors to complete…

Ondi is a very beautiful person and a director of peerless integrity, I suppose what I didn’t consider was that in letting go of the film, I was agreeing to be the subject of a biography. Posthumously this is a great honor but while you’re alive, oddly intrusive and melancholy.

You’d think a narcissist would like nothing more than talking about themselves and their “rags to riches”, “hard luck” story but actually, it felt like, to me, my life was hard enough the first time round and going through it again was painful and sad.

I know Ondi is an artist and I’m told the film is good but for me watching it was very uncomfortable.

Elsewhere in the film, Brand admits to his friend Stephen Merchant: “It’s definitely good I’m with someone I love. But it’s not a resolution to anything spiritual… This is my suspicion, that at some point, to be happy, I’m going to have to walk away.”

According to The Mirror (via Grazia magazine), Brand also makes fun of Perry’s accent and “portrays her as a bimbo”.

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