Rupert Murdoch, 84, and Jerry Hall, 59, are engaged.

From the world of increasingly odd couplings involving Australian media moguls comes this news: Jerry Hall, 59, is engaged to Rupert Murdoch, 84.

This extremely serious step comes just three months after it was announced the two were seeing each other.

Conveniently, Murdoch owns The Times, so he ran an ad in the Births, Deaths, and Marriages section of the paper to alert the world to this most unexpected of engagements.

I’d link to it, but it’s behind a pay wall *shakes fist at Murdoch*.

“Mr Rupert Murdoch, father of Prudence, Elisabeth, Lachlan, James, Grace and Chloe Murdoch, and Miss Jerry Hall, mother of Elizabeth, James, Georgia and Gabriel Jagger are delighted to announce their engagement,” it reads.

This is Murdoch’s fourth marriage and Hall’s first. The model and actress’s marriage to Mick Jagger was unofficial and declared invalid after their split.

Murdoch, in some super-hip sunnies, and Hall, in a sparkly black gown, were last seen at the Golden Globes.

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