Which celebrity just got this haircut?

There’s a stunning new celebrity haircut doing the rounds on Instagram, and rumour has it… that Rumer has it.

Allow me to rephrase: this cool, angular blonde bob belongs to Rumer Willis, the 25-year-old daughter of former Hollywood power couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

The actress shared two professional photos of her new chop on social media earlier this week, writing, “love my new hair do”. And why wouldn’t she? Long at the front, short at the back, this haircut is a cracker.

Although wearing her hair completely blown forward in the photos obscures Rumer’s face, therefore achieving a Sia level of faceless mystery, it gives us a chance to admire the sharp angles and dramatic length differences. Just give us a moment to add it to our Pinterest hair inspiration board, would you…

If you’re not overly familiar with Rumer’s hairstyle history (to be frank, we’d be more surprised if you were), you should know this chop is a big change. Just a week ago, her hair was chest-length and blonde with blue dip-dyed ends (yep, she beat Gwen Stefani to that one). Before that, it was a pretty pink shade from root to tip; before that it was strawberry blonde.

Click through this gallery to check out how much Rumer’s hair has changed in recent months.

Rumer’s chop leaves us wondering: by the time the sun sets on Northern Hemisphere summer, will there be a woman left on the A-list who hasn’t cut off her hair?

Mindy Kaling went there. Kaley Cuoco followed suit, then chopped it even shorter. Even our most recent expat Lara Bingle couldn’t resist going under the scissors (and if you want to copy the Bingle Bob, because of course you do, here are the five things to consider first).

At this point, we probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid if we checked the news tomorrow morning and discovered photos of Catherine, Duchess of Shinylocks, with a fresh new pixie cut. Actually – how great would that be?

What do you think of Rumer’s new hair?