The set of rules every parent should read before Saturday sport.

Alright, mums and dads. We need to talk.

We’re not naming names here or pointing fingers here (*cough* netball mums *cough*), but there’s a few of you who’ve been known to get a tad competitive on a Saturday morning.

It makes sense, you just want your kid to be the leading goal-kicker, the home-run hitter, the baddest badminton-er who ever hit a shuttlecock BUT some of you are getting a teensie bit carried away court-side. No?

Luckily, an American dad, Evan Primakow, may have the antidote.

This sign he snapped hanging from the field fence at his 7-year-old son’s sporting club in Milwaukee.

Source: Reddit/Trayf

Basically, it outlines a set of rules for parents watching their kids at the Glendale Little League club, which - let's face it - most of us could use a refresher in.

The first being, these are little kids, NOT professional sports people.

It's a game, not Game of Thrones.

Coaches are volunteering their times, as are umpires (who are also human beings, by the way) and there probably aren't any Olympic scouts hiding in the tub of oranges.

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"I think it works in that it is a reminder, that is very visible at games, that these are just kids and there’s no reason to let things get out of hand," Primakow told the Huffington Post.

We reckon he has a point and judging by the 715 comments his photo received on Reddit, we're not the only ones.

Feature image: Reddit/Trayf