Why are 29 million people talking about Ruby Rose right now?

Ruby Rose made a striking short film, in which she completely transforms.

It’s utterly captivating. And it’s not just us that think so – the 28-year-old model, DJ, actress shared the film on her Facebook page and it’s been viewed by more than 29 million people.

We’re not going to reveal any more about what happens in the film – it’d be a crime to take away the suspense for you.

Here, Ruby Rose’s debut short film. The one everyone’s talking about.

Ruby was on set filming this with her fiancee, Phoebe. As this behind-the-scenes pic shows:

But this is a more accurate representation of what Ruby & Phoebe are like in real life. In love, happy, strong, with matching necklaces.

She’s spoken about her sexuality, battle with depression, and approach to gender many times before. But there’s something about this subversive video that speaks even louder.

And because we thought you might want more Ruby Rose, here’s a bunch of photos of her…